McCulloch Safety Management offers more than just test results of a crane inspection. The key to our service is the technical consultancy provided by our experienced and highly qualified experts.

Constructors, importers and users of cranes, lifting and hoisting equipment can take advantage of our many years of experience and the renowned expertise of McCulloch Safety Management.

In addition to crane inspection, McCulloch Safety Management provides training for operators of cranes and elevating platforms in accordance with local and applicable international standards.

What are the key benefits of using MSM?

- Avoid risks linked to the quality and safety problems of equipment and training
- Independent advice and support given by knowledgeable technical experts in all critical areas
- Optimizing the breadth and depth of inspection and training to be performed within adraft planned time frame.

Inspection services:

  • Cranes,
  • work platforms,
  • hoists,
  • concrete placing booms,
  • safety cages,
  • industrial racking,
  • slings,
  • amusement rides & devices,
  • passenger & goods lifts,
  • inclined lifts

The 'duty of care' requirements are placed on plant owners, operators, and inspectors. All equipment should pass safety and compliance standards, regulations, and guidelines. Mechanical equipment can break down at any time when it is in service, which can lead to delays in production, increasing costs and liability. To prevent these situations from occurring, it is important to schedule inspections regularly. This will ensure the equipment has been installed, operated, and maintained properly under the watch of a qualified inspector.

McCulloch Safety Management provides a full range of inspection services designed to help customers monitor the condition of owned equipment or in-service leased equipment during their life cycle.

Impartial counsel and validation -
- We deliver professional and unbiased advice.
- We deliver reports which are accurate records of actions in line with our best practices.
- Our inspectors know how to assist clients with different regulations and codes in a cost effective manner.
Certification: Vehicle racks, monorails, vehicle loading cranes, davits, etc.
OH & S: Safety management to Australian Standards AS4801 & 4360, Safety MAP.